About Manny’s Beach Club

When you visit Manny’s Beach Club, you would have never guessed that we started as a simple taco stand.

In summer of 1985 and with $600 dollars, a simple taco stand with a beautiful beach view was opened. This is how Manny Sanchez and Sylvia Samaniego started one of the most famous restaurants in Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco). “El Taco Loco”, as it was known then, started to have its regular customers. Later our famous “Fried Ice Cream” was added to the menu.

Sylvia tells us: “There was so much people at times that we would run out of tortillas constantly”. The first worker to be hired to help us was Ninfa Gonzales. At this time we also extended our menu. An extension was also added to little palapa, a second wooden floor which accommodated five tables.

By 1988 our name changed to “Fiesta del Mar”, now with a second palapa, personnel of almost 40 workers, and being able to accommodate up to 300 visitors. And in 1990 the name was finally changed to Manny’s Beach Club.

Today we have 3 bar and restaurant areas, hotel accommodations, the addition of a 3rd palapa and a capacity of up to 1,000 visitors.

But still, the most spectacular thing we have, with which we started also, is the great view of the sea of Cortez.

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